Answers and Solutions Ltd operates in the structured cabling market. We install Cat5e, Cat6 and fibre cable into offices, server rooms and other buildings.

Many companies are already reliant on our cabling installations.

Does your enterprise rely on computers? If so, you will be relying on someone's structured cabling installation.

Does the reliability of your companies computer network concern you?
Were you aware that intermittent computer crashes can be due to interference in the cables - a direct result of poor installation?
And you are responsible for the reliability of the network aren't you ?

      Answers and Solutions provides the design, management & related services necessary to install the
      underlying infrastructure required in Offices and Server Rooms / Datacentres.

We cater for big organisations as well as the small ones.

      We have a wide range of clients, from Public Sector work to small SME companies employing a handful
      of people. We are are a subcontractor for a global IT company, sucessfully getting regular repeat
      business. We install systems from a variety of companies including Siemon, Krone, Pressac, and other
      leading brands.

      Whether you are just adding another 20 points or refitting a new building - we are able to help and
      look forward to being of assistance.