We install all brands of structured cabling systems, including Krone, Systemax / Avaya and Excel. Our preferred systems are those provided by Siemon and Pressac, who deliver the optimum price/quality balance.

Why Siemon Structured Cabling?

Siemon is an American company in excess of 100 yrs old - Siemon had the first Cat5e system, were first with Cat6 and have already had a Cat7 solution for over a year.  Because they are at the forefront of R&D, they are setting the standards, not following others. They have ironed out the weaknesses in their product long before others launch theirs.

As installers, it gives us confidence to know that we are working with the best quality material we can get.

We are listed DLI installers for Siemon and can offer 20yr warranties.

Highest Quality; Best Performance - Since 1903

Established in 1903, the Siemon Company has for over a century been dedicated to providing innovative solutions. Siemon lead the way technological advancements in structured cabling being the first company to provide Cat5, 6e and 7 compliant systems, many years before industry required such standards.

Siemon provide the best infrastructure because they recognise the cost of downtime to a company. As a result of the high quality and performance provided by Siemon, hundreds of companies worldwide rely on Siemon infrastructure for their global networks.

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