We install all brands of structured cabling systems, including Krone, Systemax / Avaya and Excel. Our preferred systems are those provided by Siemon and Pressac, who deliver the optimum price/quality balance.

Why Pressac Structured Cabling?

Pressac produce a cost effective cabling solution.  For a simple low cost office scenario where one doesn't mind working with a restricted parts range and where cost matters more than performance, Pressac is ideal.

For those wishing a 25year manufactures warranty at a low price Pressac's Cat5e solution is hard to beat.

Our aim in selecting a product warrantied for 25year was to find one we were confident would actually last 25years!

Pressac are a long established UK manufacturer that are one of British Telecom's major suppliers. We are riding on the back of BT's huge procurement programme in the knowledge that Pressac will strive to keep quality so high that they retain this customer

We wanted to avoid the so called "house label" product where a middleman buys whatever is cheapest that month and rebadges it as their own.

Pressac offer wide selection of high quality structured cabling products that meet the UK's unique telephony standards as well as the TIA Cat5e standard, which allows us to use a single brand to design an above average installation suitable for the average office.

They have an excellent design & quality assurance programme to meet BT's exacting standards.

By focusing on a small product range they are able to deliver a high quality product at low price. The downside to a "plain vanilla" flavour is this that one compromises on breadth of product range and thus installation design options are resticted. For this reason we also use Siemon where cost, although important, is secondary to installation flexibility & design.

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