Networking Services from Answers and Solutions Ltd

Answers and Solutions Ltd core business is the installation of the network cabling, delivery of server room infrastructure and associated services that form the  foundations to reliable computer networking....Layer 1 of the OSI Protocol Stack.

Clean efficient Data-centres / Server Rooms / Network cabling systems don't come about by accident. Click here to see what happens when server rooms are designed & maintained by accident.

Our Services

Cat5e / Cat6 / Fibre Cabling installation

  • Raised Computer Room floors
  • Cable management systems
  • Server Room security
  • Server Room Air Conditioning
  • Fault tolerant power distribution design
  • UPS Systems with load shedding strategies
  • Power distribution designed such that non-essential & essential power usage remains segregated on day 1 and into the future;  ensuring that your UPS stays up during an outage, rather than falling over on overload!

    Why are we Different?

    The technology necessary to realise a server Room / data-centre that is going to support a mission critical operation is staggering.

    We start with the environment, we continue with the design of the electrical power distribution and conclude with the structured cabling design. Cat6 cable is not just a length of cable and is most certainly not just another piece of "twin & earth" able to withstand being bashed into position.

    Finally, we'll deliver "as built" documentation, full test results etc etc.