Data Cable Products: Selection of "Preferred Brands"

We are able to install any brand of structured cabling, whether that be Avaya, krone, Seimon or one of the many others; but how did we choose the brands we recommend?

We think that you'd be unhappy if you knew we'd spec'd brand "X" simply because we fancied a trip to Bermuda, or where not using a particular grade of fitting although it was in brand "Y"'s catalogue, it wasn't sold by brand "Z", and we needed to sell another 1k for this month for brand "Z" to meet out contracted target.

We also wanted to avoid the so called "house label" product where a middleman buys whatever is cheapest that month and rebadges it as their own. Why pay "margin on margin" when the middleman doesn't add value in the slightest way. Not only that, but quality can vary month on month with such product.

Over time we have had opportunity to use a wide range of brands; either through choice or because we were working to an existing site standard. But when given a free hand, how do companies decide which brand to promote? Why do we use the brands we do? Does it matter to you?

Branding is all about market segmentation and market manipulation. In attempting to manipulate the market, they will charge high prices but give away "exotic bonus holidays" when the installer selles enough product. Othert brands use sophisticated tie-in arrangements that discourage the installer from specifying another more appropriate product when a certain situation might deserve it.

We selected the brands we headline with soley based on the Quality/Price/Performance ratios. We have product that delivers excellent Quality at a very competitive price, others that offer the exact part you have called for, rather than having to make do. Maybe you want colour coded outlets, or ones designed to let dust drop out - certainly sir, but not from the budget range.

We select brands on the basis of "what is going to make our customer want to refer us to another customer; which means we need the best product at the price best suited to that project"

We don't select on the basis of needing another 10 000 points for the day at the races !!!!!