Network Cable and Server Room Services

Structured Cabling
It doesn't matter if you are concerned about future growth or  maintaining the Staus Quo, without structured Cat5e, Cat6 & fibre cabling  it won't happen.

Click the link for further information about how Answers & Solutions structured cabling design & Project Management achieves what you want.

Server Room Services
Server room densities are growing at 30%pa.  Have you planned this rate of growth for your air-conditioning systems - for your power feeds?

Resilient Power
Resilience is more than just bolting in a UPS.  To allow uninterrupted operation and future maintenance it is essential that single points of failure are minimised or if possible, avoided.

Will the servers stay up during a power outage - or will uncontrolled loads trip your UPS? Click through for the Engineering team's tips that guide our floor planners when producing data room designs.

So you've implemented state of the art firewalls,  you've designed a solid Active Directory Schema - but who's in your server room, and why?  Who plugged in that keystroke logger? Who fitted that server in the dedicated 24x7 rack?