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Our Company was involved in Computer Networking & Telephony before structured cabling became our growth area.  We deliver the following:

Voice over IP Telephony

Communication is the lifeblood of commerce.  We install modern telephony systems that make it ever more effective.  A single telephone number can reach you regardless of whether you are in the office, car, or a remote worker - without issuing mobile phone numbers.  Imagine being able to transfer a call to your accounts dept - whilst driving along the M4.  Welcome to IP Telephony.

Working From Anywhere

We are not, never have been and never will be just another company that pulls cable.

Home working will be the growth trend of the 21st Century.  Being able to securely access company data from a home office will eliminate hours of travel and days full of wasteful interruptions. 

This can be anything from having e.mail delivered to effectively, to having access to colleague's / company resources such as word documents through to Contact Management / CRM databases assessable via the web.

This is achievable for companies small and large and we can make this a reality for your organisation.

Web Hosting