A Typical Cable Management Scenario:

You need to depatch a cable in the server room.
When you get there, you are faced with this:

AARGH!!!! Cabling Nightmare!!

It takes you hours to locate the correct cable (by a process of trial and error upon error) and when you finally do you've sufficiently messed up the previous 'system' that the whole network goes down. It costs time, effort and above all money to sort the disaster out. And all to unplug one cable!

The Solution: NeatPatch

Neatpatch is a simple, yet brilliantly effective cable management system. You will never have a repeat of the above problem again. Check it out:


NeatPatch systems allow you to pack 92 dataports into 5U of cabinet space, and as you can see, it does it while maintaining an ordered cable management system! No more guess work when it comes to depatching cables.

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