Should I Install Cat5e or Cat6?

As the speed of computers increases, so does the size of files being transmitted has increased, saturating networks. Data transmission speeds have had to be increased so that the network can keep up.

Until recently, the best advice was to install Cat6; on the basis that one should install to whatever standard offered the highest available performance,  many companies still promote this.

As part of our commitment to excellence; to ensure we deliver the best installations possible to our clients we are always examining & re-examining various companies claims. Recent developments have indicated that the present Cat6 standard won’t be adequate and a revised standard, Cat6a has been released. Some proprietary products are able to transmit 10G on Cat6 for just a few metre's, that's all.

Because we partnered with a leading cabling manufacturer who had already produced a Cat7 product, and is one of the companies that invest heavily in R&D,  we are able to deliver Cat6a and are recommending that either Cat5e or Cat6a be installed where budget & timescales permit.

Our current advice is that fibre is better suited to backbone links because off-the-shelf 10G products are becoming available and this technology is known to work with fibre. 10G over copper (ie Cat6) is not yet a ratified standard and might never arrive.