Cable Management Overview

What is Cable Management?

Who wants an ugly mess of colourful spaghetti draped all over the floor of their server room? Let alone cables bundled together along the walls of offices. Cable management describes any system that contains loose cables, whether in the cablinet fronts, behind the servers or along the walls of the office building.

The most challenging part of a structured cable installation is route design. There are a wide variety of cable management solutions on the market designed to make this job easier, while considering the importance of organisation and aesthetics.

Preventing Cable Damage

It is also vitally important to consider the effects that cable management can haveon cable. A cable that is bent too tight will not work to the required standards - or will fail completely. There are clearly laid out guidelines for the bending radius of cable which must be adhered to achieve maximum performance.

Different Solutions

There are a wide variety of solutions on the market with a wide range of pricetags. From white plastic sticky-backed trunking to overhead traywork there are options for all situations, whether a few cables or hundreds, for an office or a factory floor. You want wood-effect dado rails? No problem. Or a descreet, organised solution in a false ceiling? Sorted.

Whatever the shape, size, colour and quality of your installation, there are cable management solutions to match - even taking into account your technophobic boss' preferences!

Example of traywork cable management solution.

For more about cable management systems, see our Structured Cabling Guides.

The NeatPatch Patchlead Management System

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