About Answers and Solutions Ltd

Answers and Solutions Ltd's core business is the delivery of the network cabling, server room infrastructure and associated services that form the foundations to reliable computer networking - Layer 1 of the OSI Protocol Stack.

We cater for big organisations as well as the small ones.

We cover the M4 corridor from Swansea through London, The M5 / M6 Corridor from Plymouth to Manchester as well as the M40 & M42 Corridors.

Our History

We are not, never have been and never will be just another company that pulls cable.

Our Credentials & Our Staff's Credentials

Answers & Solutions Ltd is a certified installer for Tier 1 companies that set the standards, not simply follow the crowd.

Our Project Engineers are include Networking Professionals and Chartered Engineers who understand what makes a reliable network and reliable cabling infrastructures / server rooms.