About Answers and Solutions Ltd

Answers and Solutions Ltd's core business is the delivery of the network cabling, server room infrastructure and associated services that form the foundations to reliable computer networking - Layer 1 of the OSI Protocol Stack.

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We cater for big organisations as well as the small ones.

We cover the M4 corridor from Swansea through London, The M5 / M6 Corridor from Plymouth to Manchester as well as the M40 & M42 Corridors.

Our History

We are not, never have been and never will be just another company that pulls cable.

Our Credentials & Our Staff's Credentials

Answers & Solutions Ltd is a certified installer for Tier 1 companies that set the standards, not simply follow the crowd.

Our Project Engineers are include Networking Professionals and Chartered Engineers who understand what makes a reliable network and reliable cabling infrastructures / server rooms.

Details about our company: summary of website content for further reference:

The Installation of Structured cabling ie Cat5 / Cat5e / Cat6 / fibre and server room design and installation is our core business.   The universal usage for this is the "LAN" Computer cabling required for your companies computer network.  We also install products in related technologies - eg building to building wireless links, building monitoring systems / UPS systems / TCP-IP based Closed circuit TV (CCTV) systems.

A well installed structured cabling system doesn't happen by accident, it happens by design.  Working to the Standards issued by the TIA and BICSI  we can advise on how to layout your building's infrastructure to help you achieve your aims, point out common short cuts that many less critical installers / designers make to cut their costs, ( not necessarily their price !).

We can count large corporations and small SME businesses amongst our customers, many of whom have given us repeat business.

We have published a range of design guides for specifiers / facilities management companies and procurement professionals, so regardless of what stage your project is at, you will be able to find some useful resources on our web site which is accessible from the link above. 

We get repeat business because our emphasis is on quality ;  in return you get guaranteed performance; remembering that while you can easily upgrade software & hardware, in an occupied building its almost impossible to replace a faulty cabling or other infrastructure - you have one chance to get it right !

Cable management /  containment systems are as much part of the job as anything else and our attention to detail also applies here. We install Chatsworth products where quality is the final word, and have access to many equally good but less well known other manufactures when cost is the driving force. If you want wood effect dado rail trunking for the board room, that's fine; by buying direct we can supply wood effect 3-compartment trunking for less than most people charge for white plastic !  We are also the sole uk importer for neat patch ( neatpatch.com ) products, a product we choose to import because it allows us to fit & patch 92 dataports into 5U of cabinet space.  It's tidier and more manageable than any other solution available in the UK. 

In a nutshell, we deliver better solutions by being better.   This principle applies to every aspect of every job we deliver.

As well as small office systems running back to a single cabinet, we can design, project manage and install full server room installations, from the specifying / installing of air-conditioning, UPS systems, CCTV & Access control through to the data cabling.  We can implement wireless building to building uplinks, and install keenly priced ADSL circuits or leased lines.

We limit ourselves to the provision of infrastructure for large corporations.  We can support / install voice products - eg VoIP telephone systems for companies with up to a 100 staff and other data networking products for smaller organisations with say less than 50 staff.  A separate paragraph on this is give further down.

If you are refitting / relocating or moving your office, you will need to check the condition of any existing installation as a minimum; better to repair the cabling before occupation than discover faults afterwards !

Because our managerial staff includes a Chartered Electrical Engineer, Chartered Mechanical Engineer, Microsoft MCSE certified engineer we understand the technology, we understand ethernet, TCP/IP - we understand networking. We know how to install, test and troubleshoot systems from the network software down to the wire itself ! Sadly, many cabling companies do not possess this experience. Only through understanding can high quality installations be delivered ; many of our competitors employ staff who do not have an IT or Engineering background and don't work to the high standards necessary.

Our company structure was setup with quality as the #1 priority;

We cover the M4, M3, M5, M6, M40 & M42 Corridors ie London, Heathrow, Reading, Bracknell, Newbury, Oxford, Swindon, Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea, Exeter, Gloucester, Worcester, Birmingham, Coventry, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Winchester, Southampton, Portsmouth, Wales, and indeed anywhere from the South-West or South East of England to the Midlands. By county, we have Surrey, Hants, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire & Warrickshire to name a few.

Achieving Quality installations

Because our senior management is professionally qualified and still takes a "hands-on" approach, we achieve high quality yet cost effective delivery. The proof of success being provided by the completion of projects for a few globally renown technology corporations as a prime contractor and on the sites of several other UK companies as a sub-contractor. We regular secure repeat business. Even so, we still secure work from smaller SME businesses because our services remain cost effective.

We can and do install a range of premier cabling brands that includes krone, seimon, avaya / systimax. We offer full manufacturer backed warranties for our work.

We have several cat5 / cat5e / cat6 manufacturer's certifications and as certified installers can offer either 20 year or 25 year manufacturer backed warrantied installations depending on brand should that required. We are also able to install products to the Cat6a standard that is now listed as a requirement of 10G networking, although we will probably suggest a fibre optic link in preference.

All installations get full frequency tests using Fluke 4000 series DSP testers. Examples of test methods & results are available on our web site.

Taxation Compliance & Certification: Ordinarily the installation of structured cabling is outside the scope of CIS, but we do hold a CIS6 card where applicable.

Server Room / Comms Room / Datacentre Services

Some people think that a false floor is all there is to Server room design. Its not.  Sure, a good raised floor is a starting point,  Underfloor cabling is not necessarily the best way - using cable ladders to run overhead cable routes maybe better. 

How will you distribute the cold air from the air-conditioners? Will your server room have servers operating in baking hot cabinets whilst the air-conditioning is still idling? How will you plan / manage power distribution? Do you want a regular 3 phase UPS or something from APC's infrastructure ( InfraStruXure range)?  How will you ensure that non essential & essential equipment gets segregated and more importantly, stays segregated?  we can help.

Often, the limiting factor for these rooms is inadequate power and/or air-conditioning capacity.   This often leads to an installed equipment base that is over the UPS capacity, a power outage occurs, the UPS trips on overload, the data centre powers down.  Overloaded air-conditioning is just as big a concern.

Poorly designed 19" racks often leave the owner/operator struggling as and when new servers are required, or other configuration changes take place. Again, we have resolved otherwise intractable cable management problems using the neatpatch solution.

As well as our design & install service we offer server room audits, surveys & health checks.

Applicable standards: TIA 942, MOB PF2 PS. 

We can also help smaller companies (ie less than 50 staff) with the following technology areas:

When working with smaller SME organisations we can also work advise / install specific equipment such as VoIP / telephony PABX / PBX equipment or other network appliances. Its common place for such businesses not to require an IT department, yet still needing reliable IT systems. Because such companies can run with just a handful of servers - some managing with a single server, support for these sites is within our companies skill base. For such companies we can provide a fully outsourced network support - eg servers, e.mail, web-hosting, firewalls etc. Should you need to place a server off-site, we can provide room for a single server with your specific software build in a secure datacenter, sometimes called colocation or colocated servers.

IT system reviews, VoIP (Voice over IP - SIP & H323), e.mail mail-server, web / internet content filters, internet hosting, computer / data security / unified messaging (ie voicemail to email).  Please contact us and outline your needs, we are honest enough to tell you if what you want is out of our scope. If you already have a supplier in mind but want a 2nd opinion we are happy to offer an impartial pre-purchase consultancy service

Typically we can install solutions based on product from the following manufactures: cisco, level one, mobitix, mitel, zultys, artisoft televantage, UPS's from APC and PowerVAR as well as linux based firewalls & network security applicances - eg smoothwall.

Other Services

Building surveys from chartered surveyors may not include a survey / report on the condition of a buildings structured cabling system.  We can survey before signing leases etc and will provide full written reports.

Glossary:  Cabling

Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7 - international cabling standards for structured cabling.

Fusion Splicing.  A technique for joining fibre optic cable, producing better results than crimp-on, cold cure or hot cure methods by a factor of ten.

OM1, OM2, OM3 - Grades of Fibre optic cable.

Multi-mode fibre - lower cost fibre optic networking standard, used for runs on a large campus.

Single-mode fibre - a standard used for long back haul routes.

LAN - Local Area Network, our definition is a system within a single building/campus

WAN - Wide Area Network, our definition is a system that connects multiple buildings via leased lines from British Telecom or other Telco's.

Point to Point: Various technologies exist for linking up buildings - we can install laser beam based networking or wireless based secure connections.

Glossary: Standards

TIA - Telecom industry association. The body that sets the Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, OM1, OM2, OM3 & fibre optic structured cabling standards.

BICSI - A professional body for the telecoms industry having a major interest in server and data room design standards.

Raised Floors: a system whereby 600mm square tiles are used instead of floorboards. They are easily lifted to gain access to underfloor services. Applicable standards are TIA 942, MOB PF2 PS

Comms Room - a room that usually contains the structured cabling patching cabinets and/or ethernet switches.

Server room; a secure air-conditioned room where the companies IT systems / servers are installed.

Datacentre; a larger version of a server room.

Glossary: Network equipment

Ethernet.  The now universal standard for indoor computer networking.  The switches, interface cards all run to this standard. Various revisions exist eg 10/100 or Gigabit.

TCP/IP.   A method of formatting the data transmitted between devices using a universial standard; This means that a computer can now view pictures from a CCTV system many miles away provided the camera is IP enabled and connected to a TCP/IP network eg the internet !  Because the internet runs TCP/IP, this camera could be anywhere in the world so long as it has an internet connection.  The same applies to many other applications eg telephones, alarm systems etc etc.

CCTV - Closed Circuit TV.  Of particular interest is CCTV using ethernet / IP protocols.  Those that support PoE allow very easy installation into areas where no power is readily available - eg roof voids / outside walls etc.

VoIP - Voice over IP, a telephone standard that provides many of the advantages of non-geographic telephone numbers.

SIP, H323 - Techie speak for standards that a VoIP telephone exchange (PABX or PBX) works to.

UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply, basically a battery backed system to maintain mains power during power cuts.

PoE - Power over Ethernet.  A standard that allows VoIP telephones to work without needing a mains connection.

ADSL, SDSL ; a system of delivering the benefits of leased lines to business at much reduced cost. SDSL is much faster than ADSL

n+1 ; a design criteria for system reliability.